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Gastronomic or food tourism experiences are much more than just eating and drinking at a destination. Food tourism comprises a continuum that extends from production (e.g., agri-tourism and visits to artisanal food producers) through to post-consumption (e.g., value-added souvenir products and food waste management).

Along this continuum are numerous opportunities to engage tourists in a variety of food-related tourism activities and experiences that create socioeconomic benefits for a broad range of stakeholders, many of whom exist outside the primary tourism industry.


What we do?

Educational Research Initiatives

The integrated framework for the development of gastronomy tourism was formulated and used as a basis to evaluate the current state of gastronomic tourism in Thailand & ASEAN countries. Progress made for each of the attributes was highlighted. Experts from all 10-member ASEAN states along with international panellists were invited to provide insights about food tourism in the region as well as share their thoughts on the future of gastronomy tourism. The analysis of the data focused on identifying comparative advantages. Our educational research initiative aims to inform the development of strategic directions suited to the specific context of each locality.


“A Collection of Unique Territorial Assets, Presenting Artistically and Sustainably through Gastronomy Experiences”

Travel Stylist for Conscious Travellers

  • Customise Gastro-travel Experiences
  • Redefine “Local is a new luxury”
  • Put “Regenerative travel experiences” into practice
  • Understand “measure to manage “Give back more than it takes”
  • Storytelling to reinforce “Meaningful travel : self enhancement”
  • Nature, Carbon Neutrality & Bio-Diversity Initiatives
  • Local Entrepreneur & Employment
  • Soft Power
  • Innovation & Smart Tourism
  • Creativity & Unique Experience
  • Inclusiveness
  • Resilience

Storytelling Through Food

Gastronomy Cities & Sustainable Brand

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