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Become Our Partners: Creating Shared Value for Sustainable Brand Building through Food

Become Our Partners: Creating Shared Value for Sustainable Brand Building through Food

Why Affiliated? Because we know how food can build your sustainable brand even you are not in food business. Action speaks louder than words. Food can speak your sustainability.

Sustainability is not an add-on; it's an integral part of responsible business practices. It should be ingrained in a company's core values and operations, not simply a supplementary feature.

Let's create changes: Our “Movement Marketing” approach recognizes that sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword, but a fundamental driver of long-term success for businesses. Regardless of which field you are in, you must strive to create brands that align with the values and aspirations of conscious consumers, together we can create sustainability movement through food.

  • Movement Marketing = Communicate Your Sustainability through an Integrated “Black Journey”
  • Our Chefs can build your team through “story of corporate values”.
  • “Story of food” strategic workshop can be tailor-made to ensure you can build your top performing team.
  • Engage with your consumers in a “food” creative way. Let us help communicate your value through “beyond what is on the plate”.

Sustainable brand building through food is fun, dynamic and can engage stakeholders in today's business landscape. It involves the strategic development and promotion of your products and services that not only cater to consumer preferences but also address environmental, social, and ethical concerns. We can explore the multifaceted journey of sustainable brand building through food, highlighting the importance of your corporate responsibility through responsible sourcing, eco- friendly packaging, transparent practices, and community engagement to foster a positive brand image in the ever-evolving world.

because we know how food can build your sustainable brand even you are not in food business.

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