Storytelling through Food

Our storytelling though food is covered through an extraordinary journey of chefs or journey like chef that goes far beyond what is on the plate. We not only tell story of food but we tell inspiring stories through food.

Based on “Gastrodiplomacy”, our storytelling through food is a concept that involves the use of food and cuisine as a diplomatic powerful tool to promote cultural exchange, build relationships, foster international cooperation, and more importantly create sustainabilitymovement. It recognizes the power of food to transcend borders and bring people together to think & act upon sustainability. Gastrodiplomacy involves showcasing local culinary traditions, hosting food talks & festivals, and using food as a means of cultural diplomacy to enhance a local's unique image and diplomacy efforts on the global stage. By sharing their cuisine and culinary heritage, community, corporates, or a nationcan create positive interactions and connections with others, fostering understanding and collaboration in the process. We embrace and recognize storytellers who uphold sustainable gastronomy principles.

Gastrodiplomacy Profiles

Goes beyond what is on the plate...Explore our land, sea, mountain, river, and senses of place with Chefs...

Storytelling is an art featured in a well collected e-magazine.

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